Past Speakers

WIN is known for its great speakers. Below are the speakers and topics for all of our events going back to 2010.

January Breakfast – Scott Shellstrom – Unleash Your Inner DaVinci
February Breakfast – Rocky Bleier – Fighting Back: Success in the New American Century
March Breakfast – Trav Bell – Life is too Short not to Live your Bucket List
April Breakfast – Melanie Duckworth – Mentoring Generously: The Key to Leadership Success
May Breakfast – Melissa Agnes – Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand
June Breakfast – Tracy Spears – Diversity and Inclusion: The Business Case for Building a Diverse Team
July Breakfast – Bill Stainton – The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made
August Breakfast – Chris Dancy – Becoming a Mindful Cyborg
September Breakfast Bill Eckstrom – Becoming Comfortable with Discomfort
October Breakfast – Jon Ralston – 2018 Nevada Election Preview
November Breakfast Colette Carlson – Many Communicate. Few Connect.

January Breakfast – Pete McGraw – Rebound: Humor and Leadership
February Breakfast – Sean Kelly – Millennials in the Workplace
March Breakfast – Anna Akbari – Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way to Happiness
April Breakfast – Srini Rao – Unmistakable: Why ONLY is Better than Best
May Breakfast – Paul Ten Haken – Life after Google Glass and the Future of Wearables
June Breakfast – Ron Culberson – Do it Well. Make it Fun.
July Breakfast – Romaine Marshall – Business and Personal Cybersecurity Hygiene
August Breakfast – Michelle Poler – Fear Less, Do More
September Breakfast – Phil van Hooser – Professionalism is a Choice: Reputation, Integrity and Ownership for Leaders’
October Breakfast – Karyn Ruth White – Laugh to WIN: Negotiating Life with Humor
November Breakfast – Randy Cohen – Art and the Local Economy

January BreakfastAlex Chausovsky – Financial Guidance in Uncertain Times
February BreakfastPeter Vidmar – Risk, Originality and Virtuosity
March BreakfastKevin Ciccotti – What People Really Need From Leaders; Strategies for More Effective Teams
April BreakfastDavid Olive – Why Does the Department of Homeland Security Make Me Feel So Insecure?
Lecture Series DinnerSugar Ray Leonard
May BreakfastJason Kotecki – Curing Adultitis: Your Prescription for Less Stress and More Success
June BreakfastMichael Boyd – Airservice and the Local Economy; Carrying our Region to New Heights
July BreakfastLaura Zander – Sometimes you just have to follow the yarn
August BreakfastLarry Williams – Your B-Side Reinvention
September BreakfastHigher Education Panel – The State of Higher Education in Northern Nevada
October Breakfast – Paul Shirley – Embracing and Adapting to Change
November BreakfastRon White – Improve your Memory, Improve your Connections

January BreakfastChris Ulrich – Body Language Institute
February BreakfastDave Crenshaw – The Myth of Multitasking
March BreakfastArtie Isaac – Re-Introduction to Creativity and Collaboration
April BreakfastJean Irwin – The Importance of Educating the Deaf
Lecture Series DinnerJohn Quinones
May BreakfastDavid Rendall – The Freak Factor
June BreakfastDan Baker – A Penny for Your Thoughts
July BreakfastBret Simmons – All Things TedX
August BreakfastChallenger Learning Center Panel – Lessons Learned from Space
September BreakfastDiane Seig – From Chaos to Calm
October BreakfastZeb Hogan – Monster Fish – Nevada’s Big Catch
November BreakfastBilly Riggs – The Magic of Balance

January BreakfastElliot Chodoff – An Update on the Middle East
February BreakfastChip Madera – Courageous Leadership – Accelerating Business in Changing Times
March BreakfastAric Bostick – Fired Up!
April BreakfastRick Eigenbrod – What Happens When You Get What You Want
Lecture Series DinnerBilly Beane – Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game
May BreakfastNikki Warren – Top 10 Tips to Live a Thriving Life
June BreakfastMike Mullane – Countdown to Teamwork
July BreakfastVeterans Panel – Sergeant Bill Farr, Steve Katzmann, Sergeant Dylan Gray
August BreakfastGary Schlossberg – Economic Update
September BreakfastJamie Vollmer – Welcome to the Great Conversation: Building public support for public schools, one community at a time
October BreakfastRick Gunn – Soulcycler
November BreakfastDan Barnett – Make or Break Execution – the Core of Success

January BreakfastJon Ralston – The 2012 Election Results and the 2013 Legislative Session
February BreakfastDoc Hendley – Turning Wine to Water (and other modern day miracles)
March BreakfastJohn Restrepo – Economic Update
April BreakfastDr. Linda Duxbury – Managing a Changing Workforce
Lecture Series DinnerPeter Sagal – Constitution USA
May BreakfastAlison Gannett – Extreme Skier, started nonprofit Save Our Snow
June BreakfastKarl Mecklenburg – NFL Speaker and Leadership Linebacker
July BreakfastCorrado de Gasperis – A Clear Minded View of the Global Gold Industry
August BreakfastLocal Leadership Panel – Krys Bart, Cary Groth and Katy Simon
September BreakfastMark Allen – The Art of Ironman Success
October BreakfastKaren Walrond – The Art of Social Media: Connecting to Customers through Storytelling
November BreakfastNikki Nemerouf – Mental Fitness for Leaders

January BreakfastJeremy Aguero – An Update On Nevada’s Economy
February BreakfastSteve Rizzo – The Atti-Tools for Success
March BreakfastLocal Leaders Panel – Strategic Priorities for Northern Nevada
April BreakfastDr. Jerry Teplitz – Switched on Networking – Balance Your Brain for Networking Success
Lecture Series DinnerMary Robinson – First Female President of Ireland
May BreakfastVicki Escarra – The Escalating Hunger Crisis in America
June BreakfastMurray Banks – Reenergize, Recharge, Refocus
July BreakfastMary Bigler – Raising Readers
August BreakfastDan Lier – Take Your Business to the Next Level
September BreakfastDeedee Corradini – Leadership, Justice and Equality
October BreakfastDave Logan – Tribal Leadership
November BreakfastShama Kabani – The Zen of Social Media Marketing

January BreakfastRoddy Chong – All Things Are Possible
February BreakfastMatt Weinstein – Putting Fun to Work: The Power of Humor in Business
March BreakfastBob Losyk – Get a Grip: Overcoming Stress & Thriving in the Workplace
April BreakfastGeneral Abizaid – Strategic Changes in the Middle East
Lecture Series DinnerRon Clark – America’s Educator
May BreakfastTy Cobb – The Greatness of Ronald Reagan:
Reflections on the 40th President at 100
June BreakfastJill Savery/Jon Killoran – Sustainability and Sport
July BreakfastJon Ralston – An Update On Nevada Politics
August BreakfastDewitt Jones – Extraordinary Visions
September BreakfastNeal Petersen – No Barriers, Only Solutions!
October BreakfastScott Klososky – SocialTech
November BreakfastJoe Piscatella – Living Healthy in a World

January BreakfastAnn Rhoades – Creating an Outstanding Service Culture
February BreakfastDan Clark – Don’t Waste a Good Recession
March BreakfastJim McCormick – Business Lessons From the Edge
April BreakfastDr. David Walsh – Brain Fitness for Career Success
Lecture Series DinnerBlake Mycoskie – Founder of TOMS Shoes
May BreakfastMarty Nemko – Predictions & Trends for the Next Decade
June BreakfastJon Ralston – An Update on Nevada Politics
July BreakfastGary Karp – Making the Business Case for Working for People with Disabilities
August BreakfastDonna Hartley – Fire Up Your Speaking
September BreakfastJeffrey Hansler – Language You Can Bank On
October BreakfastSteve Gilliland – Enjoy the Ride
November BreakfastTerry Jones – The Business of Innovation