May 20, 2016 WIN Breakfast Meeting

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Event Details

This month’s WIN Breakfast Meeting is Friday, May 20, and will be held in the Capri Ballroom of the Peppermill Casino Resort Spa.

The buffet opens at 7 a.m., with the program running from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. The entrance fee is $30 for non-members and $15 for members who do not have the Pre-Paid membership. Tickets will be available for online purchase the month of the event, OR attendees can pay at the door.

To register for this event, please click here.

This month’s Breakfast Sponsor is:


Reno/Sparks Area Rotary Clubs

 Jason Kotecki –Curing Adultitis: Your Prescription for Less Stress and More Success”

What is your diagnosis? Click here to find out!

Jason-Headshot_WebJason Kotecki is an artist who speaks. Really, really well! He is an expert at helping people “Escape Adulthood,” in order to restore balance, beat burnout, and become more innovative by breaking rules that don’t exist. His mission is to fight Adultitis, sharing strategies from childhood to create lives with less stress and more success.

Jason is passionate about sharing his message that there is more to life than the hectic busyness, cynical lethargy and overwhelming stress that is typical of most modern lives. Jason’s inspiring, entertaining and heart-warming programs are visual masterpieces jam-packed with relevant, practical information coated in fun. His book“Penguins Can’t Fly +39 Other Rules That Don’t Exist,” is a delightful book that will help you uncover and break the so-called rules that could be holding you back from a life of awesome. It’s a magical combination of Jason’s whimsical illustrations, humorous wit, and poignant anecdotes. It explores small but mighty actions you can take to turn your life into the fun, adventurous and exciting story you deserve.penguin-impossible for Web

All of this began as a simple love story. Jason first drew his lovable characters for his girlfriend Kim sometime before the turn of the century. They shared a kindred childlike spirit, and Jason used the drawings, which represented the couple as children, on many homemade gifts designed to win her heart. Luckily for him, this downright sappy ploy helped him to not only win her heart, but also her hand in marriage. The characters took on lives of their own in a comic strip and in 2000, the real Kim and Jason decided to build a company to share the artwork and its inspiring message. The strip was officially retired in 2007, but the wild ride to rid the world of Adultitis has continued on at full speed.

Kim and Jason founded The Cure Adultitis Institute and the creation of “Escape Adulthood,” a company that helps people rediscover the secrets of childhood in order to build better lives, businesses, and teams. Get a sneak peak by visiting his website:

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